Archived Reports

Future of the Internet: Web 2:0 and Beyond

The ability of the Internet to connect to a wide range of devices is making it ubiquitous. By 2016, mobile devices will be the primary method of connecting to the Internet. This report provides a comprehensive look at Internet and the Web, examining both technologies and markets. A particular focus of the report is Web 2.0 services and their role in the globalization of society. The Web 2.0 applications analyzed in the report include blogs, microblogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks, and social bookmarks. The report outlines emerging scenarios with respect to Web 3.0. The report discusses the possibilities unleashed by the deployment of Internet2. The report provides forecasts for both Internet users and traffic for all the major regions of the world through 2016. It discusses the factors that will impact the growth of Internet users and traffic.


Net Neutrality Conundrum: Does the Internet need Regulation

This report examines the debate raging in the United States on the neutrality of the Internet. It discusses the significance of Net Neutrality, and the case for and against Net Neutrality. It examines forces that are trying to undo net neutrality in favor of a closed Internet. The report provides an analysis of Net Neutrality within the context of developments impacting telecommunications and IT markets.


Apple’s Market Valuation: Will History Repeat Itself

This high-value White Paper contends that Apple is overcapitalized due to irrational exuberance. While acknowledging that Apple produces world class products, the White Paper asserts that Apple needs to reconsider its business model, increase its Web presence, and diversify its product portfolio. The White Paper provides a comparison of Google and Apple in terms of their product offerings and revenue models, and concludes that Google is pursuing a well-crafted business strategy. The White Paper predicts that in the long-run, Googles stock value will go up and Apples stock value will go down.


Google vs. Apple – Clash of the Titans

Google and Apple are competing head-to-head in several overlapping markets. These include devices and operating systems, browsers, web advertising, applications stores, music, multimedia TV, and cloud computing. For each of these markets, this report compares the two companies’ product offerings, analyzes their competitive positioning, and highlights market trends. The report assesses market and technology developments that are impacting Google and Apple. The report examines the two companies’ financial health and their market capitalization. This report analyzes the strategic direction of Google and Apple, and looks at how the two companies are positioned for the future.​​