Market Research

Information Trends provides industry-leading market research and advisory services.


We ​provide syndicated research covering the following areas: Internet of Things, Big Data, Mobile wireless, Short-range communications, Wi-Fi, Cloud Computing and Automotive. We have deep expertise in each of these areas, providing us with the ability to give our clients intensive and thought-provoking analysis. ​


Research services

Our research services include our syndicated reports plus quarterly updates plus analyst research time. We not only provide syndicated research, but we are constantly monitoring the market and providing our clients with updates and exhaustive analysis. ​

Industry research

Since we are constantly tracking markets, we provide our clients with in-depth data on each of the industries we cover. This data is provided as part of our custom consulting services. .

​Archived reports

Archived reports are available at substantially lower charges. Many of these reports have information that is even valid today. Moreover, they provide a good historical perspective.